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We have years of experience in managing all areas of boat logistics such as:

Vessal Search.png

Bespoke Yacht and Vessel Search and selection to suit  your specific requirements

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Transport and Customs Clearance

Mooring Consultation.png

Mooring Consultation



Marina Development Operations and Management.png

Marina development operations and management

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Project Management



Key Contact

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Do you need help finding the right boat for you?  Do you want some support in identifying, buying and transporting your ideal boat?


Our team of experts is here to help.  We have extensive experience in buying and managing boats including race boats, cruisers, fishing boats, RIBS and commercial vessels including ferries, fire boats, harbour master boats.

Key Contact

Arabia Marine Services_Logistics_Headshot_01.png
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At Arabia Marine Services we are committed to making your time on the water as safe and enjoyable as possible.   

We are working hard to provide digital and print navigation charts for the Red Sea. 


More details coming soon.

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